Kenzo my love


October 1, 2016

The last couple of months can be summarized by one single word: madness. Tons of calls, meetings and hours of work occurred. Every day is busy and full of unexpected moments. I try as much as I can to plan things and be organized to stay focus and meet deadlines. The rythm is often very hard but I guess it is worth the effort. Our company has ups and downs but we stay positive despite tough times.

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Fluffy couch situation


December 9, 2015

I have been so so sick since last weekend! I try to rest at home as much as possible to recover. I guess it is a mix of work overload and cold temperatures. But being sick is so frustrating because it slows me down in my work. My sleep is bad as well. Fortunately, I am able to work from home. Most of the time, I am on my computer either on my couch or in my bed to go on my work. And today was the day where I felt like resting in my cozy couch with tons of fluffly pillows!

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The perfect Zara combo


October 21, 2015

Those cold days make me want to feel cozy at home! I can’t stop buying new things everyday to build the perfect cocoon. Okay it may also be because I recently moved to a new apartement. It is modern, clean and in the heart of a brand-new and dynamic district. It makes me feel a new person. So you know, I just need to get rid of old stuff, old clothes, old furnitures and to buy what will surround me in this new life!

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